Continuing Education Live Workshop's


details02/13/2016 Offering ‘Compassionate Presence’ (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 1)
details02/17/2016 testing
details02/28/2016 Finding Ease: A Zen and Mindfulness Approach to Anxiety
details03/04/2016 Cell Health: Engaging the Healing Wisdom of Your Cells
details03/13/2016 Being Bodhisattvas—A Creative Practice Workshop
details03/19/2016 The Way of Appropriate Response (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 1)
details04/16/2016 Turning Towards Suffering (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 1)
details04/24/2016 Meeting Trauma and Finding Balance: A Somatic Approach to Spiritual Practice
details04/30/2016 Coming Down to Earth: A Day of Zen Practice for Women
details05/21/2016 Compassion with Aging and Illness (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 2)
details06/10/2016 Working with ADHD in Couples Therapy
details06/18/2016 Wise Preparation and Zen Rituals for Death and Dying (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 2)
details07/16/2016 The Way of Transitions, the Healing of Grief (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 2)
details09/24/2016 Compassionate Responses in Difficult Times (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)
details10/22/2016 The Science of Compassion: How and Why We Care (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)
details11/01/2016 Transforming Depression and Anxiety: A Path of Skillful Compassion
details11/12/2016 Self-Care and Self-Compassion in Caregiving (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)

Event Details

Mindful Relationships Retreat

Co-Sponsor: Hakomi Institute of California

Contact Name: Rob Fisher


Phone: 415 389-6340

Date: 1/20/2014

End Date: 1/27/2014

Time: 9-12AM and 4-7 PM daily except 1/23 only 9 - 12AM

CE Hours: 30.000

This workshop is designed for couples and the therapists, coaches, and healers who work with them. Short talks on key couples' issues culled from thousands of hours of couples’ therapy will be followed by experiential exercises designed to help heal these areas and move couples from contraction to expansion, from alienation to closeness. The concepts and exercises will be immediately useful to couples themselves, as well as applicable to a therapeutic setting. We will use mindfulness, art, movement, interaction, and present-moment experience in the body to uncover the issues deeper than simple communication often permits, and begin to transform key issues that keep you from your partner and yourself.