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details06/09/2016 Advanced Integrated Energy Medicine
details06/10/2016 Working with ADHD in Couples Therapy
details06/16/2016 Introduction to Depth Hypnosis (Teleclass)
details06/18/2016 Wise Preparation and Zen Rituals for Death and Dying (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 2)
details06/25/2016 The Shamanic Journey
details07/09/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and the Arts
details07/09/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and Photography
details07/09/2016 Tracking Spirit in the Birth Environment
details07/16/2016 The Way of Transitions, the Healing of Grief (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 2)
details07/21/2016 Introduction to Buddhist Psychology (teleclass)
details07/23/2016 Advanced Applied Shamanism Review
details07/25/2016 Integrative Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
details07/26/2016 Integrative Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy
details07/28/2016 An Introduction to Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)
details08/08/2016 Depth Hypnosis Foundation Course
details08/14/2016 Transforming Depression and Anxiety: A Path of Skillful Compassion
details08/18/2016 Introduction to Shamanism (Teleclass)
details08/19/2016 Cultivating Emotional Balance
details09/08/2016 Applied Buddhist Psychology: Entering the Stream (Teleclass)
details09/09/2016 The Dance of Transference and Countertransference in Trauma Work: Advanced Clinical Training in Action
details09/10/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and Dance
details09/17/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and Dance
details09/17/2016 The Shamanic Journey
details09/18/2016 Professional Skills Training 2016 -Berkeley, CA Level One
details09/24/2016 Compassionate Responses in Difficult Times (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)
details09/24/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and Visual Arts
details09/24/2016 Relationship and Karma
details10/07/2016 Shamans and Siddhas: Meeting at the Crossroads of Shamanism and Tantrism
details10/10/2016 Special Topics in Applied Shamanism
details10/20/2016 Relationship and Power (Teleclass)
details10/22/2016 Living Breath by Breath: Psychology and Photography
details10/22/2016 The Science of Compassion: How and Why We Care (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)
details10/22/2016 Power Retrieval and the Middle World
details11/01/2016 Transforming Depression and Anxiety: A Path of Skillful Compassion
details11/05/2016 Soul Retrieval and the Guiding of Souls
details11/11/2016 Worlds Beyond Death
details11/12/2016 Self-Care and Self-Compassion in Caregiving (Contemplative Caregiver Course, term 3)
details12/10/2016 Applied Buddhist Psychology Retreat: Psychology of the Bodhisattva
details12/10/2016 Love: The Open Door to Big Mind
details12/11/2016 Working with Dreams

Event Details

Living Unto Death: Dying Into Life (Workshop at Menla Mountain Retreat Center, Phoenicia, NY)

Co-Sponsor: Tibet House

Contact Name: David Bullard, Ph.D.


Phone: 415-239-1584

Date: 8/16/2013

End Date: 8/18/2013

Time: Friday 7:30pm-9:30pm; Sat 9:30am-9:30pm; Sunday 9:30am-noon

CE Hours: 12.000

Death was one of the Buddha''s most prominent preoccupations. He saw death everywhere and never flinched from talking about it. His teachings were full of stories of people coming to him for one reason or another only to have him shake them from their complacency by telling them they had but a short time to live so they had better hurry up and use their precious human births to get enlightened before it was too late. In one Sutra, the Buddha asked a local ruler how he would feel if a huge mountain were to come bearing down on him from the East, crushing all living beings in its path. He conjured the mountain expertly, making the King imagine a gigantic mass moving inexorably toward him, rolling over all things. Then he repeated the question but had the mountain coming from the North, then the South and finally the West. By the time he was finished the poor King, ostensibly secure behind his four-fold fortifications of elephants, chariots, cavalry and infantry, was being crushed from all sides. “This is what death is like,” the Buddha trumpeted. It''s coming, you don''t know from which direction, and you are powerless to stop it. He seemed almost gleeful. Why was this such a profound teaching? Even now the words retain their threatening power. Don''t we know all this already? Is death really such a surprise? The Buddha suggested that we do not really know it, even though we may mouth the words. The tendency toward denial runs very deep. We don''t actually think it can happen to us. Or, rather, we can''t actually imagine it happening to us. And yet the Buddha thought it was critical to wake up to the reality of death, not to treat it as a trauma to be avoided. This weekend''s workshop will make the Buddha''s teachings on death its centerpiece. Through both meditation and discussion we will explore how the Buddha viewed death and why he was not depressed about it. Whether contemplating our own deaths or those of people we are close to, the Buddha''s teachings offer a startling--and refreshing-- alternative to our usual relationship with death.

Schedule: OFri 7:30pm-10pm Description of bare attention in psychoanalysis and mindfulness Sat 9:30am - 12noon Mindfulness versus concentration-based meditation; Tibetan Buddhist Wheel of Life approach to lessening emotional trauma at the end of life 3:30pm -6pm Buddhist concept of rebirth from clinical perspectives; psychological meaning of "bardo" 7:30pm-10pm "Annihilation anxiety" and clinical and meditative approaches to working with it Sun 9:30am-12noon Psychological underpinnings of fear of death and ways of working to increase peaceful acceptance of death