Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D.

Neal Goldsmith, Ph.D., is a psychotherapist and consultant in private practice, specializing in psychospiritual development. Dr. Goldsmith’s psychotherapy training includes Imago Relation- ship Therapy, Psychosynthesis, yoga psychology, regressive psychotherapies, Rogerian client- centered counseling, and other humanistic, transpersonal and eastern traditions (in addition to the lessons found in the research literature on psychedelics). He is also an applied research psychologist and strategic planner working with institutions such as Princeton University, AT&T, American Express, and Gartner to foster innovation and change. Dr. Goldsmith is a frequent speaker on spiritual emergence, resistance to change, drug policy reform and the post-modern future of society. Among Dr. Goldsmith’s publications, he is perhaps proudest of “The Ten Lessons of Psychedelic Psycho- therapy, Rediscovered” (in the Psychedelic Medicine textbook, Praeger, 2007), his affidavit to the California Superior Court in Santa Cruz on “Rescheduling Psilocybin: A Review of the Clinical Research,” and the frequently- cited, “The Utilization of Policy Research.” He is a founder of several salon discussion groups in New York City. Dr. Goldsmith may be reached via his Web site,