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Psychedelics in End of Life Psychotherapy

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Course Description: In the first video, Anthony Bossis discusses the psycho-social, spiritual and existential suffering that advanced cancer patients often experience is a primary factor in end-of-life distress. In recent years, the discipline of palliative care has greatly expanded its efforts at better understanding end-of-life existential suffering. Patients with a life-threatening illness often experience hopelessness, helplessness, and loss of meaning. Research demonstrates that improved spiritual-well being and enhanced personal meaning may serve as a buffer against hopelessness and depression in advanced c

Psychedelic Psychotherapy for Life-Threatening Illness Anxiety Panel from MAPS: Psychedelic Science on Vimeo.

True/False Comprehension Quiz

Near the end of life, it is generally considered too late to help patients cultivate a sense of meaning in life.
Outcomes measures for the NYU cancer anxiety study include participants’ perception of physical pain.
The treatment room has attractive décor, but participants are not allowed to bring personal items, such as photos or art objects, to the session.
All of the participants reported subjective benefits from participating in the Swiss LSD life-threatening illness anxiety study.
One obstacle to getting psychedelic studies approved is that no clinical safety guidelines have been published yet.
A primary objective of the anxiety trials with psychedelics discussed on this panel has been to collect data to assess improvement to participants’ physiological symptoms.
The design of Peter Gasser, MD's study includes a second follow-up with participants one year after treatment.
Unlike other similar studies, Dr. Gasser and his co-therapists provide psychotherapy in combination with periods of meditative silence throughout the treatment sessions without making music available to participants.

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